Maria’s Review of “The Bazaar” by Jen Ponce

This review is from: THE BAZAAR (The Devany Miller Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Devany Miller is a relatable character because as a woman she has it all: husband, two kids, rewarding career. She manages to balance work and family life until consuming “magic sugar.” Only after entering “The Bazaar” is her happy life threatened. (Don’t mess with her kids!)

Jen Ponce has a chilling, suspenseful way of writing in this dark, first-person fantasy. As an author, she transforms the world we know into a frightening reality with unique creatures, interesting names, and captivating legends with emotional trials for her main character. THE BAZAAR is a perfect title for this strange, sarcastic, edgy story!

Is Devany cursed or gifted? More than just a sugar rush, she is plunged into a magical land where human trafficking fuels the power of the beings there. An encounter with a witch, a powerful stone called “the heart” and a giant, murderous spider renders her in a super-human condition. All three now reside within her as a weakness that she turns into weapons in her struggle for life… and her very soul.

To quote the book: “The day was a long, slow hell.”

So, Devany has to deal with a cheating husband but that takes a backseat to the dimpled-demon of lust who blackmails her to become his “Archaeon Tezrya” an assassin. Her moral compass won’t let her kill, so she relies on her inner spider “Neutria” to help — making Devany the first werebug to exist.


Every creature she encounters wants to know, “What are you?” She may not be completely human anymore but she is all woman, a nurturing mother with a heart of gold and a “stone heart” of unimaginable strength. (I wish I could transform into a badass spider!)

From creepy encounters with vampire-like Fleshcrawlers to witches to demons called “Skriven” Devany just wants what all women desire: the love of her family. The plotline is tight. Jen’s book is formatted for easily understanding the inner dialogue with the other characters. It has the best ending I have ever read — leading me to the second book: Slip song.

Jen Ponce is a genius at developing “oogy” monsters within the chilling chapters of this novel. I would recommend this series — and this author to fantasy fans — just don’t read it at night!


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