Book Review of REVAMPED: Book 2 in the VAMPED series by Lucienne Diver

Roll Out the Bloodstained Carpet!

No, Gina hasn’t become the runway model she was born to be: it is blood-soaked fun as our favorite vamp shows her “fanged fabulosity” on her first mission for the Feds. From the quick recap and “Gina’s Rules for Surviving Super Spy School Training” I was hooked!

This first-person YA fantasy is a perfect sequel to VAMPED. In book two Lucienne Diver captures the voice of a teen-turned vamp, using popular movie and media references, slang, and hilarious sarcasm that could only come from the mouth of a confident girl learning how to become a secret spy.

Super Goth. Bionic Babe. Chaos.

Undercover as high school student Geneva Belfry, the plotline becomes a classic Agatha Christie “whodunit” as the suspects come out of the woodwork to ditch class in a pimped hearse. Of course, Gina’s vanity doesn’t stop her from accomplishing her mission, and becoming a heroine. Only the fanged fashionista could use chopsticks as hair deco and weapons!

“What good was eternal life if you had to spend it in school?”

Boys. “Boy Scout Bobby” is back with his “manbot” mental mojo and magical blue eyes. He has competition for Gina’s heart as hot, goth-guy Ulric begins to suspect she is more than just a “ninja princess” in Mary Janes and fishnet stockings.

“Not a creature was stirring – not even a lab mouse.”

Just like the previous book REVAMPED has lots of quotable lines showing this author has a sense of humor and an understanding of how teens think. I won’t spoil the surprise nemesis forces that battle for control of the high school population. I will say if Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel had a vamp baby it would be Gina. Like a “diva storm” she has a black belt in fashion, and kicking baddie-butt!  

A Happy ending: this is not THE END! Don’t miss Gina’s “Vampire Dictionary for the Grave-ly Uninformed” at the end of the book. Plus, Lucienne included a first-chapter teaser that sets the mood for the third book: FANGTASTIC. If you like female-written fantasy that is appropriate for the whole family, check it out!


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