Review of FANGTASTIC: 3rd Book in the VAMPED series by Lucienne Diver

The third book’s a charm!

Lucienne Diver has become one of my favorite authors. She does fab-fantasy with female empowered characters that make me laugh, and cry. Now, I don’t weep bloody tears, but Gina does. Just one of her many vamp traits that develop over the series. As a YA writer this novelist captures the voice, slang, and feelings of teens, yet I think the books are perfect for any age.

Why would vampires live in the Sunshine State?

A new city. A new mission. A vampire subculture. Gina and her spy team take on “biters” and “breathers” as they investigate glitter Goths, wannabe vampires, and steampunkers with unbelievable technology.

“Been there, bitten that, have the bloody T-shirt to prove it.”

If you’ve read the first two books: VAMPED AND REVAMPED, there is a familiarity to Gina, Marcy and Bobby, but the plotlines to each novel are unique. I enjoy the developments that seem impossible to resolve, yet Gina uses her resourcefulness to prove she is a true heroine. Always dressed to kill with a moral compass that guides her to do the right thing.

“The road to hell is paved with large intestines.”

Lucienne’s words are so quotable. She writes her characters with real emotional consequences to their actions. Also, this book shows such growth in Gina and Bobby’s relationship. Without being pornographic, the heat between the two develops. The kissing scenes are dreamy-hot with believable sexual tension that feels natural for young love. The author has written many brilliant surprises in this novel as the “Queen of the Glammed” goes clubbing with the “fanged and fabulous.”

If you like a vamp story that will make you swoon and smile, I highly suggest it!



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