Review of FANGTABULOUS: 4th book in the VAMPED series by Lucienne Diver

Five Fangs. Five Stars. Same Thing.

Lucienne Diver did her homework on Salem and deserves an A+ for conveying her research in an interesting way. We all know tidbits of the Salem witch hunts, but this author incorporates the history effortlessly into the story.

Fanged fashionista on the run from the Feds… Gina and her “minions” are on the most-wanted list, while they are most-needed in Salem. It seemed like an ideal place for bloodsuckers and humans with super powers to hide… until the Salem Strangler begins to kill. Knowing humans don’t have a chance to battle a vindictive ghost they stay to help. Gina’s vamp-power to mist makes her a super hero and a medium in the fourth book of the VAMPED series.

Bobby’s back with his “mental mojo.” Marcy gets edgy with her “inner goth.” Gina has the best, strong-female quotes: “Men. Can’t live with them, can’t stake ‘em.” And, dodging “testosterone poisoning” as Ulric tests her loyalty to Bobby. I love this tempting quote from the book: “Ulric’s blood… a flavor like heat and spice, adrenaline and youth. Liquid life.”

Reading YA novels takes an appreciation, and a POV that Lucienne has mastered with modern-day slang and teen lingo. Gina and Bobby’s relationship had developed since the first book. Vampires don’t age but these lovers have grown! My favorite chapter #6 includes making out on demonic dryers, midnight-graveyard strolls, and crying bloody tears over a little girl ghost.

Lucienne can rock a poetically chilling quote: “Not a tingle or tweak, a sizzle or a strangle.”

There are not many reviews on this series and I believe it is because teens aren’t into posting reviews on Amazon. The books were probably purchased from their parent’s accounts. As an adult reader, I consume fantasy series that make me hungry for more. Which leads me to my favorite Lucienne quote from FANGTABULOUS: “It sucked worse than strawberry shakes with chunks of fruit lodged in the straw.”

If your book club is like mine you will be quoting the characters, instigating friendly arguments over who has the coolest vamp powers. Certainly there is no lack of beautifully written analogies: “A Spielberg moon, where a boy might sit and fish for stars.”

If you get a kick out of popular culture references to movies and music, humorous first-person narration from a self-assured female – check out this series!



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