Review of Slip Song: 2nd Book in the Devany Miller Series by Jen Ponce

These Aren’t Your Mama’s Monsters!

Jen Ponce has written this unique saga with suspense that made me ignore the ringing phone and my growling stomach. Antisocial and hungry, I devoured Slip Song and fell in love with a few characters.

Full of horror, enchanting monsters and soul-wrenching romance, the second book in the Devany Miller series begins with shocking action, revenge and blood. The motivations of the characters become somewhat suspicious adding a mysterious – and tense — vibe to each chapter.

The author’s sense of humor shines through as Devany’s past experience with her inner “mate-happy, bloodthirsty” spider, a witch mentor, a headless fleshcrawler, and a dimpled lust-demon develop into three-dimensional relationships.

The plotline is tight. All of the loose strings are tied together from the first book – The Bazaar — with an interesting twist. There are a few new characters that absolutely made me fall in love with this story. Now that Dev is an Originator, she has the power to make positive changes. (And basically makes everyone her bitch… but in the fairest way possible!)

I enjoyed the originality in this series. This writer is not satisfied with average. She creates unparalleled universes, secret places with creatures, laws of nature and ethics distinct from our own world. Plus, it’s Christmas which gives an eerie comparison to holiday stress. Oh, Devany gets a gift: gills!

If you love fantasy novels with horrific monsters, amazing magic and action-packed mayhem check out this series. If you are like me and adore reading the words of a strong, female writer with a touch of humor: check out Jen’s blog at WordPress!


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