Reveiw of Bad Blood: first book in the Latter-Day Olympians series by Lucienne Diver



Most people run away and join the circus. Tori Karacis, former “karacobat” ran away from the circus to California and became a private investigator. She stepped from the frying pan into the freak-show fire after discovering she can make anyone freeze by looking into their eyes and willing it so. “Freeze!”

Glitz. Glamor. Greek Gods. Gorgon Blood.

Tori is not Medusa, but her hair does resemble a nest of curly snakes. If looks could kill… her “looks” momentarily stun those who are not aware of her power. BAD BLOOD takes on several meanings in this first book of the Latter-Day Olympian series.

“The gods play…and mortals pay.”

Beware of killer kisses, trickster gods, and “bearded grandmothers Who Know Everything.” One of my favorite characters in the book is Yiayia, Tori’s grandmother. Yes, she is the bearded lady in the circus, but she is also a Greek guru of “mythography” and gives her granddaughter sage advice regarding her case.

“Gods, like lima beans, should be avoided.”

Apollo Demas, god in denim. Actor. Nick Armani, the law. A good kisser. The mortals and immortals must take sides in a race against time and terror as the gods and goddesses living on the west coast plot to take back their power. Each chapter reveals a familiar deity from Greek mythology in a fun, surprising way.

“A smile worthy of Charles or maybe Marilyn Manson.”

Lucienne Diver is the goddess of grand gorgonery. She writes quotable, memorable lines, and the lost-dog subplot was hilarious! Plus, she mentions some of my favorite detectives in this book. Like this author’s YA fantasy VAMPED series, this story is told from a strong-female, first-person POV with humor, romance and clever action scenes.

The adult themes, language and situations are not overly graphic, so don’t cringe if this urban fantasy crosses over to the YA section. I would recommend this book to my family and friends. I’ve already started the second book, CRAZY IN THE BLOOD, and it is an exciting sequel. I plan to read the third book, RISE OF THE BLOOD before the release of the fourth book, BATTLE FOR BLOOD on Sept. 16, 2014.


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