Review of Crazy in the Blood, the second book in the Latter-Day Olympians series by Lucienne Diver

TGIF: Thank Gorgons It’s Friday!

This series is urban fantasy fantastic! Crazy in the Blood is the second book in Lucienne Diver’s LATTER-DAY OLYMPIANS series. I’ve started reading the third book, Rise of the Blood and it rocks. I’ve preordered the fourth book, Battle for Blood. It will be out next week: September 16th.

A gorgon glare. An ambrosia addiction. Tori’s got modern-day problems with an ancient heritage.

I like how the workmance develops between Tori and Armani: she finally calls him by his first name, “Nick.” It’s a boyfriend thing. I know everyone is rooting for Apollo to steal her heart, but I respect the fact that she wants more than a candlelight dinner, and I’m not talking about the food of the gods.

“Come hell or Hades…”

Quotable as ever, Lucienne’s imagination flourishes with action-packed fight scenes and witty dialogue galore. There are two threats Tori must deal with, and this author makes it exciting.

Back to Earth: Dionysus cult. Not as fun as it sounds. These are not party animals but drugged frenzy freaks. As if that isn’t enough Hades and his hell hound force Tori to hunt for Persephone, and Demeter in mom jeans takes it out on the weather. Ok, it is as fun as it sounds!


This series based on Greek mythology in current-day California would make a primo movie, or P.I. television series. I recommend the novels to those who enjoy reading first-person, female-driven fiction with adventure and romance.


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