Review of Rise of the Blood, the third book in the Latter-Day Olympians series by Lucienne Diver

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Titan Scorned!

Rise of the Blood is the third book in the Latter-Day Olympians series, and it is my favorite so far! The first book, Bad Blood gives overarching plotlines that build in book two, Crazy in the Blood. The fourth book, Battle for Blood is released tomorrow, September 16, 2014.

This series is more addictive than ambrosia!

Reading this novel is like taking a first-person fantasy vacation: a destination wedding to Greece, filming on the set of Apollo’s next film, visiting famous ruins, oh and, traveling to the Underworld to rally ancient heroes. But, before the champagne bottles pop Tori must overcome a few obstacles. Like the titans!

Lucienne Diver is a genius at telling myths in a modern-day world, making me believe gods, goddesses, and ancient monsters actually exist. Each chapter is prefaced with a family quote that sets the tone with forethought to background in tight character building. This author smartly intertwines the familiar stories of the Olympians and Titans in clever phrases that make me stop and read them more than once.

“My awareness fled like shadows from Zeus’s lightning.”

SPOILERS: There’s more than one way to overcome a fear of heights. Tori grows wings. There’s more than one way to gain favor with an estranged family. Tori saves the world. Plus, she discovers her uncle is actually a god. Rumors that she is a descendent of “god Pan beer-goggling one of the immortal gorgons” are proven. Tori also get possessed by Rhea. It’s glorious!

I recommend this series to anyone who loves fantasy, Greek mythology, and action-packed battles with unique plots. Like Lucienne’s YA VAMPED series, the Latter-Day Olympians contains realistic romance but no overly graphic sexual scenes, and can be enjoyed by all.


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