My Reveiw of Battle for the Blood, the fourth book in the Latter-Day Olympians series by Lucienne Diver

You Had Me At Zombie Apocalypse!

Battle for the Blood is the fourth book in the Latter-Day Olympians series. The third book, Rise of the Blood ends with a cliffhanger, and loose ends that get tied into a neat bow. The second book, Crazy in the Blood and the first book, Bad Blood build this urban fantasy about Greek Mythology in a modern-day world.

Lucienne Diver’s sense of humor shines like “a sizzling hot sun god.” I love how she ended the third book with a romantic cliffhanger, starting this one with a non-gratuitous bedroom scene that connects Tori and Apollo beyond their empathic bond. Also, this author has a way with words that is so quotable and memorable.

“Eyes like tar pits letting go of a sunken prize”

The first-person narrative is a carefully constructed story seen through the eyes of Tori Karacis. “Tori Tornado” becomes “PI to the pantheon.” This character has grown… wings! This character has seen some action… with Apollo! This character is going through changes… demonic but not evil!

To describe the plot of this book in two words: GIRL POWER!

The Gray Sisters sharing an eye. A dragon lordess. A crazed demoness. A goddess witch. A zombified Muse. Hera, living as a lawyer and advocate for women. The wives of Hermes and Poseidon. And, my favorite: a six-legged dragon.

If you were wondering why every book has “BLOOD” in the title… READ THIS BOOK!

I’ve read at this author’s blog — — there will be a fifth book! She blogs about her YA series VAMPED, and her current writing project-to-be-published: a YA thriller!
Write on, Lucienne!


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