My Review of Wickedly Magical, a Baba Yaga novella by Deborah Blake

I Heart Magic!

This fantastic novella, Wickedly Magical is the prequel to Wickedly Dangerous. This urban fantasy mixes the Baba Yaga myth into modern-day themes. I love the magic – subtle and intentional – interspersed throughout the story.

Deborah Blake writes this book in third-person, but at times it reads like first-person. The dialogue is clever and sarcastic. There was a fun reunion of the three Babas with just a hint of a romantic interest. It felt like I was reading a mystical detective novel.

My favorite character was the dragon-dog. The banter between the Baba Yaga and Chudo Yudo was awesome. Barbara was described as cranky but I found this witch to be anything but wicked. She seemed to be a protector of innocence, but hates Humans. Interesting dichotomy.

“Who says wicked can’t be good?”

My favorite part was Barbara’s closet. If you want to know what was so amazing about it read this book!

I was intrigued by the ending and I’m looking forward to reading the next book: Wickedly Dangerous. Deborah’s next book in the series is out in December: Wickedly Wonderful.


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