Review of The Magpie King by M.J. Fahy

Wings and Magical Things!

I’m so happy I took the time to devour this delicious book: an enchanting treat with a sweet filling. I wish I could have read this story when I was mid-grade age. This is the kind of wonderful tale that stays with the reader for a lifetime. Just the thought of young minds absorbing this literary treasure reassures me that the upcoming generations will love fantasy-themed fiction.

This debut by M.J. Fahy is impressive. She writes with such beauty and gusto. From reading her book I can tell M.J. could create a fantastic novel in any genre, for any age. The chapters flow smoothly, filled with interesting folklore, darling descriptions and precious humor. This talented author obviously took the time to assign specific dialects to each character and talking animals.

“Neptune’s Kneecaps!”

Tatty Moon’s adventure becomes a quest, and a test of her future as a fairy. There are so many wonderful encounters with magical creatures. Some are cute. Some are scary. All are awesome!

Beware the Scaredycrow!

My favorite chapter involved the attack of a zombified “scaredycrow” and doing laundry. The clever foreshadowing of meeting the “Biggun” (human) named Dorcas was so very brilliant. Her smart dog, Red was one of my favorite characters. There are plenty of laughs and a few happy-tears parts in this book. It reminded me of a cross between The Secret of Nymh and The Wizard of Oz with an amazing ending.

If you enjoy unique plotlines, quirky characters, and smiling while you read I recommend this book. It really is suited for all ages, a story the whole family would love. The second book in this series should (fingers crossed) be out the beginning of 2015. I will definitely snag the sequel and any other book written M.J. Fahy.


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