My Review of Blood Curse by Jen Ponce

A Beautiful Bloody Love Story!

Blood Curse is more than just a unique vampire lore: it’s a love story! The backstory of multiple relationships are woven into a modern-day myth of vampires who own blood-bound humans. This urban fantasy is written in third-person giving the reader insight into all the characters and their varying liaisons with vampires.

Not all vampires are bad and not all blood suckers suck blood!

Issala was my favorite character. Warrior woman. Ancient vampire. Lesbian. She uses silver injections to inhibit her bloodlust, but there is no cure for her obsession for revenge until she meets a human who gives her a reason to live. Her lover, Lorelei Renfield comes from a bloodline that serves vampires. The Renfield blood is more addictive than chocolate and more powerful than a wooden stake.

“Trembling leaf on a tree, are you so afraid to fall?”

As you can tell from the book quote above, Jen Ponce does an excellent job at describing the sadomasochist relationships between her vampires and their blood-bound slaves. Since the blood-drinkers derive pleasure from pain — their own and others — most of the torture scenes digress to intense sex. In contrast the relationship between the two main characters is expressed as tender lovemaking. It’s quite beautiful. Well done, Jen!

This author writes fiction in a believable way. Her characters have a depth that made me fear some, and fall in love with others. This novel is an emotional roller coaster of blood-draining terror and blossoming love.

I hope there is a sequel to this beautiful, bloody love story!

I’ve read two other books by this author. The Devany Miller series: Bazaar and Slip Song are excellent, urban fantasy novels. Also, Jen announced her newest book, Bug Queen, will be released soon! I highly recommend the books written by this talented writer.


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