Review of Wickedly Dangerous by Deborah Blake

Tis the Season of the Witch!

Now that you have the Donovan song in your head imagine a leather-and-tattooed biker babe who eats magic for breakfast… and drinks blue roses! This was a perfect read for the Halloween season. I love books about magic and witchcraft, so this novel was a fantastic fix!

From fable to urban fantasy, Deborah Blake has reinvented the Baba Yaga myth of the wicked witch into a force for good. Barbara is wicked. She’s dangerous. But she protects innocents. The plotline progresses like a mystery, or detective series, but at times it felt like a paranormal romance.

The relationship with Liam – the lawman — was all in the witty dialogue. They each have trust issues: he’s been hurt before and she basically hates humans (except children.) Trying to hide her true nature from Liam is like trying to deny that the sun is hot. Their relationship does heat up as they team up, each with something to prove.

Chudo Yudo. A white pit bull expelling puffs of smoke. I want a dragon dog! He talks. He humors. He is willing to eat her enemies. What more could you want in a fierce companion?

I hope Deborah writes more about the magic of the Otherworld and the Riders, her gang of badass bodyguards give a hint of the powers the Baba Yaga possesses.

I read the prequel, a novella called Wickedly Magical. It introduces her sister Babas, and gives the background of their relationship as well as foreshadowing how powerful these witches are. Barbara is the perfect “magical detective” as she can render disguises and undo magic.

I won this book in a giveaway but I would have purchased and read it regardless. The next book in the series is called Wickedly Wonderful. The release date is December 2nd  available for preorder now.


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