Review of Things That Creep by Jen Ponce

Excellent creepification!

These five short stories by Jen Ponce are a perfect read for October, although, I do believe these tales will stay with me for a lifetime. Since I have read other books by this novelist, I knew Things That Creep would be just as creepy. I was creepified! And I still am!
I can’t walk down the hallway in my house without thinking of A Dark Hallway. I can’t look at a penny without thinking of One Smart Penny. I can’t pick out something to wear without getting chills over Gown She as Buried In. I’m accepting every birthday invitation I get because I don’t want to be home thinking about A Woman’s Touch. (Still rewriting the horror of that one in my head) And, the next time I go to the Grand Canyon, remind me not to step too close to the edge because Fly was my favorite. It was the shortest and simplest of all five, but it spoke volumes in meaning and double meanings.
When I first saw the title “Fly,” I thought it was going to be about bugs. Anyone who reads Jen Ponce novels knows by now — that woman has a thing for bugs. A creepy thing. She does horribly wonderful things with insects (and oogy monsters) that affects the psyche. I enjoy that in a story.
If you enjoy suspense, thrills and chills, and mind teasing, OMG moments in reading, I highly suggest this author. Jen writes the Devany Miller series: Bazaar and Slip Song. Superb urban fantasy. She has a unique vampire book called Blood Curse, and soon to be birthed on Halloween 2014: Bug Queen.
If you adore fiction with fright, check out Jen Ponce’s books!


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