Review of Timebound by Rysa Walker

Take Me Down to Paradox City!

This book blew my mind! Timebound is a sci-fi adventure in history. Don’t you know the historians of the future can jump through time? They meet famous people. They witness historical events. They experience movements and shifts in power. They do not cause them. Or do they?

The paradoxes begin. This story was Back to the Future meets Terminator, minus the killer cyborgs.

I loved the relationships. Every interaction with family and friends has twists and turns that lead the reader through a brilliant maze. Trey and Kiernan. Is it really a love triangle if they aren’t the same people in time?

“Prudence Katherine Pierce-Keller, time-traveling Ninja.” Our YA heroine is Kate. I adore the development between her and Trey. For her birthday, he gives her a “Self-Rescuing Princess” shirt, which every girl has got to love. He lets her be strong – and save the world – but he has got her back.

Despite the lack of inner dialog and protagonist introspection, there were many emotional parts in the book. For me, the best part was when Trey quotes The Princess Bride. It was their go-to movie to take their minds off the future, and the past. And the future.

Rysa Walker does an excellent job at building the intrigue in the plotline. Nothing is what it seems, so just sit back and enjoy the trip through time while you literally trip on time. This author will make you think about our linear existence in a different way. Rysa writes many jaw-dropping twists within this novel. Besides catching flies with my mouth, I found time did fly by while reading this story!

Timebound is book one of the Chronos Files. There is a novella called Time’s Echo and book two just came out in October, Time’s Edge. The Chronos Files is a YA science fiction adventure with a beautiful first-time love story… or is it the first time? Read it and see!


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