Review of Phoenix Rising by Heather R. Blair

It’s exactly what you are picturing: the mythical firebird rises from the ashes of its death. It sounds like a likely metaphor for a vampire, but the burning bird represents a woman with special “psych-para” talents. These skills have gotten her into a lot of trouble.

Kelsey Daeger didn’t ask to be brainwashed and forced to work undercover, uncovering monsters that live among us. She didn’t ask to fall in love with a Parisian vampire. But if she could ask for one thing, it would be forgiveness. Oh Miles. Oh Kelsey. You two made magic a decade ago, but now, the duo makes a dangerous combination.

“You only get one chance at sharing a soul…”

Heather Blair can write a heart-wrenching, neck-biting story of death, desire and denial. Not necessarily in that order! Halfway between horror and hot, the action plays between the past plot and the frightening relationship between the two main characters.

Since I was an art history major I loves me some Van Gogh and Degas. Throw in Paris, and I’m in love. Mon amie. This book is filled with lots French phrases and flashbacks. I read this on Kindle: there were some formatting and editing mistakes but they did not interfere with the perfect plot.

Don’t forget to read the epilogue! It’s brilliant!

Technically, this is one of the first paranormal romances I have ever read, but it felt like an urban fantasy, especially since there is another novel in this series – Phoenix Fallen — soon to be released. This author also has two other books published in 2014: Shivers: 9 Dark & Twisted Tales and Smoke in Moonlight, Celtic Elementals Book 1.


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