My Review of Dead Medium by Peter John

Read Without Tissues at Your Own Peril

This story spoke to me. Perhaps it was a ghost. Either way, the author did a splendid job at describing a realistic after-death experience. How would I know? Perhaps a ghost told me.

Dead Medium is a beautiful ghost story, with a cast of characters ranging from the living to the dead. And their pets. If you like books with cats, dogs, ghosts, laughs, and tears, try this one!

May, the female-ghost equivalent of Ebenezer Scrooge, is the kind of crazy-old-lady that you want to hate, but then she grows, and grows on you. Mr. Kibbles, her ghost cat is pawsome! George the ghost, is a cross between Mr. Belvidere and Yoda. I liked his dialogue the best. His ghost pet is Trevor, the dog.  The backbiting women of the Thursday Night Club each had such distinct personalities. Their quirks, peeves and witty interactions brought Dead Medium to life.  (I want to party with Victoria!)

I absolutely loved how this book ended. It’s not like the movie Ghost. It’s unique. I do enjoy a good ghost story, but this tale has a twist. A mysterious subplot is introduced and tied in nicely, covertly… like a ghost! I like stories within stories that connect in an unpredictable way, so this book was like reading an Agatha Christie novel, but with more dead people.

I’m putting Peter John on my list of “British authors I love to read!” I was surprised that the main character and most of the supporting characters were female. I felt an immediate connection to the relationships that developed between ghosts and the living. Thank you for writing this wonderful story!


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