Review of The Dragon’s Rocketship Presents: The Scribe’s Journal

The Dragon’s Rocketship Presents: The Scribe’s Journal. You may wonder, what is The Dragon’s Rocketship? It is a Facebook group of writers who love to write fantasy and sci-fi. (The dragon represents the fantasy part and the rocket is the sci-fi. Isn’t that awesome?) I know because I recently joined the group, so these are not just random authors. They tweet, and post together every day. How many anthologies can say that?

Since I have read full-length novels by some of these authors, I knew I would enjoy this collection of short stories. The most surprising was Invisibly Yours by M.A. Ray. I’d heard of her novels, but this short story was so captivating, emotional and unique, that I must seek out her books.

I’m a big fan of Jen Ponce novels, so I knew I would love her story, You’re So Vein. This gives you a sample of her clever plotlines and well-written characters. Jen writes unique urban fantasy like a horror goddess, but she also has a romance book out. Ooh-la la!

My other favorite in this series was Where Happiness Dies by Denise Drespling. This story said so much in just a few pages; I thought it should be a full-length novel. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Have you ever read a story that resolves so well, so perfectly at the end, that it makes you smile? This is that kind of tale. A must read!

Without telling any spoilers, I can say the other stories are well-worth reading in this anthology. The Quest That Proves the Man by Gary S. Watkins, When Death Calls by Nikki Yager, Waves by Luke Green, and Tools of the Dragon by Fiona Skye. If you enjoy fantasy and sci-fi tales that include dragons, mermaids, and other mythical worlds, check out this book!


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