Celtic Elementals Book 1: Smoke in Moonlight by Heather R. Blair

Elementals, my dear Watson!

This novel begins with The Legend of the Faoladh. It’s gorgeous. So, don’t skip the preface. It sets the mood for this paranormal vaycay to Ireland. The details of the story whisked me to the Emerald Isle, without the expensive plane trip. I could taste the tea brewing and smell the soda bread baking. I could also feel the tortured existence of the faoladh.

A quote from the book: “Well then… he’d at least see what color she bled before he died.”

This writer has a wonderful way with words that should be coined, “the Blair style.” She builds paragraphs of imagery, followed with a few teasing words, which made the story a thrill to read. I’d previously read a novel written by this author called Phoenix Rising, so I expected romance. I loved the development of the relationship between Lacey and Ronan. As in her previous novel, I really enjoyed the resolution. It was not totally a happily-ever-after ending but leads perfectly into the next book: Blood in Fire. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into that one.

The Celtic mythology, Gaelic language, and vampires were a nice touch. The author obviously did her research on Irish folklore. Heather’s storytelling is a five-star restaurant that satisfied my appetite, but still left me hungry for dessert or the next book.

Can a werewolf see his reflection in a mirror? What does the moon goddess look like? Why did the author name this book Smoke in Moonlight? Read the book and find out.


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