Blood in Fire, Celtic Elementals Book 2 by Heather R. Blair

I took another vacation to Ireland courtesy of Blair airlines. Can’t beat the prices, especially since we traveled to the past. Eleven hundred years…! Kudos to Heather R. Blair and her time-traveling skills! This sequel to Smoke in Moonlight is fantastic. It picked right up where the last one ended, so there was a comfort with the characters. There are many twists and turns to this book that made me yell out, “Holy crap!” I love that in a fantasy novel.

I loved the Irish dialects in the dialogue of this novel. The author does an excellent job with the accents, which is hard to do. I read them out loud to my husband, and he really got a kick out of how authentic they sound. It really added to the ambiance of the story.

Exchanges between Heather and Aiden were passionately hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. There was a bit of a power-struggle to their sex life. He wanted to be the dominant in the bedroom, but she did not submit easily despite the strong desire. Subtly, I realized this psychic vampire could rape her at any time. But no, he wanted her to beg for it, to really want it. And, she did. But not without a fight. There was a fire between them. There is also a lot of blood between them. It’s bloody brilliant!

Badass. Warrior. Vampire. Psychic. Kills bad people. “Mr. Psychic Pants” is awesome.

My favorite things about this book: When Aiden and Heather first meet in Istanbul, he instroduces himself, and she claims, “I’m nobody.” From then on, he calls her “nobody.” There are a lot of little details that make their relationship special. I laughed out loud over the dialogue and humorous repertoire. The whole feel to the book was extremely emotional. From joy, sadness, anger, regret, jealousy, shame, and love, the characters’ interactions were done with feeling.

I loved Bav, the goddess of death. What a bitch! What do you expect from a woman who has control? Well, you don’t expect her to obsess over a mortal, pine over him for eleven-hundred years, and you don’t expect her to manipulate other gods, or strike a deal with a demon to turn him into a vampire. The last thing you would expect is for Bav to truly understand love and make a selfless act all in the name of love. The notion of the goddess of love shedding her selfishness was so beautiful, it made me cry!

Celtic legends are true. The gods meddle in the lives of mortals in Ireland. Vampires and werewolves exist. This is an addictive series. The epilogue at the end promises another book. I’m curious to see if it takes us to America. California perhaps? A beach? A sea god? A vampire who has walked in daylight? I can’t wait! Thanks for telling such a wonderful story, Heather Blair!


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