Playing Nice by Kit Daniels AKA Lucienne Diver

Playful Pranks and Prose!

Santa brought me this beautiful hardbound book for Christmas. Since my New Year’s resolution is to read tons of awesome books this year, 2015 is off to a fantastic start with Playing Nice. This author has an excellent voice. The style reminds me of Janet Evanovich, but it flows with the fast-paced cadence of an old detective-movie narration.

From the first chapter, the author makes witty, popular media references that I adore. I can relate to Dragnet, Charlie’s Angels, and I get those Twilight Zone moments. Brava, for expressing humor, as well as the main character’s personality through this method. The romantic subplot turned chilling with a hint of a love triangle; a crazed stalker situation with a clever resolution. It had a Fatal Attraction feel with a unique twist.

One of my favorite parts – many parts – of this book is the pranks played on the whimsical sub-characters, or supporting cast of the play. The theater is full of creative minds, and they are accounted for in this novel. Building moral. Blowing off steam. Misdirecting a suspicious reader. This author knows how to have fun, and express it through her writing.

This book is a romantic comedy. The humor is perfectly placed, ranging from sarcastic to snarky, making me laugh out loud. The dialogue between the main characters is engaging. The plotline centers around a theatrical performance, giving the title multiple meanings. The dimension of the main character is highlighted by Jessie’s family history, and her desire to transcend her profession at a clothes shop and become an actress.

I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for a romance with humorous sugar sprinkled on top!


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