Wings of Hope by Pipa Dacosta

This prequel to Beyond the Veil is painfully beautiful. Just by reading this novella, I can tell The Veil Series is going to rock! Pippa Dacosta has a vivid imagination and a brilliant way of expressing it in words. Her writing is like poetry that makes even the most disgusting acts eloquent.

The content and characters are descriptive, and the plotline is addictive. The author does an excellent job of creating a demonic world of elementals, immortals with a hierarchy. When a half-breed tests her place in that world, all hell breaks loose, and so does she! Go Muse!

My favorite part of the book is meeting the Prince of Greed. He is not your average fire elemental. He has a secret which is revealed to Muse. He gives her hope, strength, and wings, when she is physically lacking. Although beaten in every way, Muse is half-human-half-fire-demon, which makes her badass. She also has a super power: metal-reading! Guess how her psychometry of metal works? Better yet, read the book!

Wings of Hope is the prequel. The first novel in A Muse Urban Fantasy is Beyond the Veil. The second is Devil May Care, and the third is Darkest before the Dawn. Drowing in the Dark is the fourth, available for preorder.


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