Shivers: 9 Dark & Twisted Tales by Heather R. Blair

Twisted, dark, chilling, a bit of fun, some romance, and a whole lot of love! Heather’s characters feel real. Even the supernatural ones. Especially the supernatural ones! This author writes badass fantasy with compelling vampires and not-so-typical werewolves.

This anthology of fantasy stories has some unique plot twists. My favorite was the first story, On Edge, and the last story, Max in NYC. Read the book, and I think you will agree. I do not want to ruin the plotlines, so I will just point out some of the things I liked about these awesome stories:

A quote from Shades of Winter “Like Frankenstein, chasing the monster I created.”

The Fourth of Never, another clever title to a story I wish would never end.

The Game has a surprise character from one of Heather Blair’s Celtic Elementals series.

Other novels I love by this author: Phoenix Rising, Smoke in Moonlight, and Blood in Fire. If you ignite over paranormal romance, consider Heather R. Blair’s books flaming hot!


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