The Road to Hell is Paved with Zombies by Cedric Nye

I love monsters, so reading Cedric Nye’s Jango series was a no-brainer. (And not because zombies ate my brain!) This story is a laugh-out-loud, cringe-inside read. This author is from my neck of the woods…err, my neck of the desert, so supporting a local indie is a pleasure. The story takes place in Prescott, Arizona. From escaping a Geo Metro to engaging a zombie apocalypse, Jango is a primo protagonist. He’s more than a badass warrior in a horror movie.

“…it wouldn’t be long before they opened the tiny automobile like a piñata full of Jango treats.”

More than guts and gore, this novel gives a psychological profile of the main character, giving him a three-dimensional personality. His love interest, in the story, did not want to like him. Like Sonja, I valued this alpha-type male who was cool enough to show her survival techniques with weapons. And, he quotes Shakespeare. Serious swoon factor that I didn’t expect from a zombie novel written by a guy. The love story within – yes, I just said, love story – is realistic and touching. I need love in an apocalyptic story. Otherwise, what are they fighting for? Jango also fights for his sanity as he deals with his past: the worst kind of child abuse.

I loved the chapter titles. They gave hints to the events of the well-written plotline, foreshadowing the action, and clever Jangoisms dispersed throughout the book. The chapter, “Jango Shows His Nuts,” is not about a flasher, but a well-trained warrior who has the huevos to prove it.

“monkey-strong and bughouse crazy”

Quoting this book is so easy. I appreciate the movie references, the fight scenes were engaging, sometimes fall-out-of-the-chair funny, and filled with blood, guts, and gory details of weapons and brilliant escape strategies. I look forward to reading the other books in the series. Also, kudos to the author for dedicating this book to abused children, and his charity work for the local Humane Society/dog shelters in Phoenix. This dude is more than a kickass writer. He is a humanitarian and a friend to all four-legged creatures. Thanks, Cedric, for being a primo role model!


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