Jango’s Anthem, book 2 of the Zombie Fighter Jango series by Cedric Nye

This one is for the ladies! Zombie fiction isn’t just for guys, anymore. Cedric Nye is an equal-opportunity writer when it comes to the Zombie Fighter Jango series. His books are empowering, regardless of gender or even species. The previous novel was dedicated to victims of child abuse. This one is for “survivors” which perfectly fits this work of monster-mashing, mentally-intense art.

Jango is a hero. But like all primo defenders of justice, he is broken. From the first book, The Road to Hell is Paved with Zombies, we learn about his fractured mind. The mystery of the dog and the albino woman is well written. In the second book, Jango’s Anthem, we are privy to the final piece of his fragmented mind, and it’s a thing of beauty.

This author killed it! (Pun intended.) Let me tell you what I liked about this book without spoiling the beastly brilliant plotline. The chapter called US and THEM was freaky-cool! It introduced Vanessa, my fave! If the TV show Walking Dead and the movie True Grit had a baby, it would be this mutated western. I love that it takes place in Arizona, my home. I adore Jango’s alpha-dog attitude and survival instincts. Yeah, he’s got more baggage than winter visitors that come to the Sonoran Desert, but he is strong enough to bear the burden of his past and all the bullshit in his future.

I would like to thank the author for writing a highly entertaining series with equally powerful messages about personal identity, mental strength and surviving victimization from every type of monster, zombie or human. I’ve already suggested this book to my family and friends. I think ten zombies would agree that this book is badass beyond words or screeching moans.


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