Journal of the Undead: Littleville Uprising by S.G. Lee

This YA novel has crossover appeal that bleeds into other genres. Despite the amusing references to zombie movies, this book is more than horror. It includes new love, budding friendships, survival and dealing with loss of family. Before the first blatant zombie kill, Emma and Evan struggle with the problems most teens have: a new school, air-head cheerleaders, gossip, sports, and adjusting to their dad’s new wife.

The author develops the characters so well; I immediately fell in love with the twins and the Stone family. Like most zombie stories, I fretted over losing any of them. Just when I was lulled into young romance, the reality of dealing with a zombie apocalypse would rear its ugly head. I absolutely adored the inner dialogue of the main characters. Brilliant!

S.G. Lee wrote this story with compelling dialogue, realistic reactions, and thrilling plot. This writer specializes in describing the human side of such an epidemic. I appreciated the little details like the sentiment of fulfilling the last wishes of those who died. In most end-of-the-world stories, people are so busy trying to survive the monsters, they forget to be human.  S.G. did not let me forget that.

I can tell this is going to be a primo series. I liked the cliffhanger ending and look forward to the next book. I recommend it to all ages and readers.


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