Writing for Rescue by MJ Fahy and Other Authors

It’s hard to pick a favorite in this anthology of short stories. Each tale encompasses animals that are rescued. Some are fiction, and some are tributes to more than pets, but family members that touch lives with loyalty and love. I hope these authors continue to craft words. I would love to read more!

I’m a sucker for any book with a dog. So, when MJ Fahy, author of the Tatty Moon series, announced the publication of this book, I had to get it. I love this author. Yes, she writes MG, but I’m a kid at heart. I adore getting lost in an innocent fantasy full of adventure. And magic. Lots of magic. MJ’s story in this anthology is called Midnight. It’s so precious, I wish it were longer. She dedicated this story to all of her pets, past and present, listing each of their names. It gave a real touch to the fiction.

Yvonne Marjot’s story called Norah’s Ark was short but sweet. This author has a way with words. As with each of these stories, there is an element of rescue that boils down to humans being humane. From the title, you can see that Yvonne has a clever sense of humor.

Lyn Flanders wrote the awesome story called For Dogs. Her first-person tale read like a memoir. Though Lyn’s story is named For Dogs, it covers much more than that. “Cats Rule OK!” I loved the emotional story of sweet William. Thanks for sharing your words.

Ian Stewart wrote a fantastic story called Flash. What a primo name for a dog! Again, this story read like an account of Flash’s life and vacations with the family. I couldn’t tell if it was fiction because it read like a diary, or a family newsletter one might receive in a Christmas card. Thanks for sharing, Ian. Flash’s story will be with me, forever!

Karen Taylor, author of Vampire Legacy series, wrote Belle, A Dog’s Tail. I’m a fan! I enjoyed the tone of this story. I believe it would make an excellent full-length novel. Especially since the author has an entertaining way of describing Belle from puppy to adulthood. It read like a first-person memoir, so I couldn’t tell if it was fiction. It read as if a dear friend was telling me a delightful dog tale over tea.

It’s apparent that all of the authors are animal lovers. When reading their words, it’s obvious we all feel the same about our four-legged friends. We share the joy of their puppy and kitten years. We understand the grief when we lose them. There is a connection through this collection of stories: love. It’s wonderful. Thank you for writing this book. I hope it helps ease the suffering of animals and supports the Romanian rescue centre to provide a sanctuary for abandoned animals.


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