The Boy That Was a Stone by Cedric Nye

This book is all about truth. It is painful, yet simply sweet. Each page is illustrated like a cartoon that expresses the author’s feelings. I would highly suggest it for kids, or adults who have suffered abuse by “Big People”.

To quote the author, “Child abuse is a stone thrown into the pond of a child’s body, mind, and spirit.”

The topic of abuse is difficult to talk about. This book is a perfect ice-breaker, or more appropriate, stone-breaker for broaching the topic. If you read the author’s biography, it is obvious Cedric Nye knows the subject well. He also writes a zombie apocalypse series which empowers victims. Though he may seem hard as a rock, this gentleman is extremely creative in writing and poetry, a warrior poet.

Obviously, a boy can’t really turn into a stone. And zombies don’t exist. But monsters do. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading books by this author, it’s that anyone can “take back” what has been taken from them. The little boy who was a stone did just that.


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