Blood Drunk by Jen Ponce

Party like a vampire!

Have you ever been blood drunk? No? Then you haven’t met the right vampire. Or the wrong one!

An alternate name for this book could be Blood Revenge or Blood Love. This story contains a whole lotta blood, revenge, and love. And sex. And more blood. The preface and first few chapters reminded me of historical fiction with vampires and pirates.

Blood Curse is the first book in the series. Blood Drunk continues the saga of bloodlines that reach back to 1392. The whole cast of characters that did not die in the first book continue their journey in Blood Drunk. Will Issala and Lorelei find happiness together? Will Morganna destroy her sister? Will the Marquis de Curval find his children? Will Logan get his wife back? Or will Tessa get the death she desires? Will Patrick fall in love? Beg?

SPOILERS: The really cool thing about this book: being blood drunk. Plus, vampire saliva heals. Jen Ponce has created a unique vampire lore in this series. It is LBGTQ and BDSM friendly. It also has one of the most surprising plot twists. I did not see it coming. It’s tragic, beautiful, and heartbreaking.

The third book in the Blood Tetralogy is Blood Shy. The author also writes the Devany Miller series, which I highly recommend. If you like Urban Fantasy with hints of horror, check out Jen’s repertoire of novels.


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