A Wing and a Prayer by MA Ray

A Tale from Rothganar. I want to live in MA Ray’s written world. I want to hang out at Knight HQ and the Cathedral of the Winds. Yes. Everything has a really cool name. Including Vandis Vail.

Her. Who is She? He can hear Her in his mind. And she makes him fly. “He could outrun the wind.”

The Saga of Menyoral. I have not read the full-length novels by this author, but they are on my TBR list. I love the way this woman writes. I read a short story that MA wrote in an anthology and was enthralled. I dig the way she crafts words like a modern-day Shakespeare. I’m not saying she’s a poet, but if the winged-shoe fits! This author’s short stories remind me of RA Salvatore’s Forgotten Realms contributions. They are fantastically fantasy with touching, loving, humorous, and tearful resolutions.


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