Gilded By Christina Farley

Have Black Belt, Will Travel!

I won this paperback in the “YA Chicks” #ReadorWriteAnywhere contest. At first glance, I thought it was a contemporary YA. I was very pleased to read this mythical fantasy plotline. The POV is written in a present tense that makes the action seem immediate, but if you are not used to reading this type of prose, it takes acclimation. I’ve noticed many currently published YA novels are written in this style.

Reading tip for this book: check out the handy-dandy glossary in the back pages. It gives definitions of Korean words that are used throughout the story. I found the vocabulary gave an authentic feel to the culture, the myths, and imagery of the words. It really bugs me when the text of a novel is not as exotic as the location, or if the accents don’t seem legit in the dialogue.

I enjoyed the fast-paced plotline in this novel. Yes. A novel. This is quite a long read for a YA book with details that would have been missed in a shorter version. I’ve read that the author lived in this part of the world, which for me, gives the writing an authentic feel. I’ve never been to Korea, but I felt like a took a mini-vaycay by reading Christina Farley’s words.

Consider this review my postcard: having a kickass time shooting arrows, wish you were here!

Tae Kwon Do Read This Book!


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