Blood Hunt by Lucienne Diver

Oh My Chaos!

Tori has wings, but she’s no angel. She wants what most gals want: a career, romance, and chocolate croissants. Her heritage, as the descendent of Medusa, has turned her into a freak show. Too bad she’s not still with the circus. Trapeze. No problem. High wire. Cake, compared to the cases she investigates. And, the whole saving the world thing.

Badassery. Primo fight scenes. And, of course, the chocolate croissants. Lucienne Diver brings all the awesomeness of the previous books in this series, plus a few new, yet very old, deities from Greek Mythology mixed with a pinch of Egyptian influence.

The author nailed it with the prologue. From the first page, there was a “true crime” detective feel as the story unraveled. It reminded me of an Agatha Christy mystery, one that I wanted to solve.

The Latter-Day Olympians series is amazing! I want to read it all over again. Check out (FREE prequel) Trickster Blood, (book 1) Bad Blood, (book 2) Crazy in the Blood, (book 3) Rise of the Blood, (book 4) Battle for the Blood, (book 5) Blood Hunt, and don’t forget the short story, The Parlor, in Kicking It.


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